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Overscheduling your Kids

Overscheduling your Kids

We want our kids to enjoy life, learn how to do new things, and experience everything they want. But that also can lead to overscheduling them. Please resist the urge to cram sports, dance, piano lessons, scouts, and other activities into their lives at one time. Not only will you run yourself ragged, overscheduling your kids doesn't give them any free time to be kids.

Research suggests that unstructured play can have a positive impact on a child's development and wellbeing. When kids are allowed to play freely, there is a lot of learning taking place. They develop games, make rules, negotiate with others, and release stress.

6 Signs Your Kid Is Overscheduled

Your Kid Never Has Any Downtime

· Grades Have Declined

· Not Getting Enough Sleep

· Health Is Suffering

· Doesn't Have Time for Friends

· Days Are Filled with All Work and No Fun

How to Help an Overscheduled Kid

If you think your kid is too busy, it's essential to take action. The first step is to sit your kid down to see how they feel. There could be the occasional instance where your kid loves all the activities!

In other cases, they might protest at letting go of an activity or two, but slowing could be necessary for their wellbeing. Make the executive decision to take them out of an activity of their choosing—as long as it's not homework or studying, of course. They can always pick it back up in the future if they find that they've been missing out.

Keep in mind that the kid years are a vital time for your child to manage their time. If they're struggling to find time to do everything, they're going to need you to intervene and help them say no to certain activities.

Finally, keep in mind that some kids and many adults view being busy as a status symbol. Ensure your kid knows that their self-worth shouldn't depend on how busy their social and academic schedules are.

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