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Trying to Be Together 24/7

Parent guilt is a real thing and not uncommon. Some parents even guilt themselves into trying to spend every waking moment with their kids. But not only is this not humanly possible, but it's also not healthy.

Instead, try to enjoy quality time with your family, but also recognize the importance of letting your kids play alone or with their siblings. Not only will time apart allow your kids to develop autonomy and independence, but it also will lift a burden from you. Everyone needs some alone time.

You can't be all things to your child. They must begin to develop friendships and relationships with others too.

Everyone deserves time to themselves, even the grown-ups. Another perk of teaching your kids to play alone is that you earn a much-needed break. It isn't your primary goal, of course, but the time you spend alone is also an excellent example for your children. Your kids can see you enjoy doing the things you love alone and that you don't need someone else's attention 100% of the time to be happy.

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